The partners

Below we present you our project partners list with all needed information for further contact or research.

Organisation ID: E10100064 
Country, City: Italy, ANCONA 
Type: Non-governmental

Organisation ID: E10032191 
Organisation name: Stichting art.1 
Country, City: Netherlands, Amsterdam 
Type: Non-governmental

Organisation ID: E10114794 
Organisation name: YOUTH SUPPORT CENTRE 
Country, City: Poland, Lubin 
Type: Foundation No

Organisation ID: E10106074 
Organisation name: Dideas, S.L. 
Country, City: Spain, Almazora 
Type: Social enterprise 

Organisation ID: E10300047 
Organisation name: Metodi Asscom & Aleph Srl 
Country, City: Italy, Milano 
Type: Other type of organisation

The needs of both Italian partners (“Communia” and “Metodi”) and “Youth Support Centre” Polish partner are similar: trying, with the help of the sharing of other countries’ good practices, to prevent social exclusion and psychological distress of LGBTQIA+ people, by giving the contribution that is in their mission and possibilities. The achieved LGBT+human rights scores are lower than the EU overall score (Poland-13%, Italy-22%, EU-48%, ILGA Europe, 2021).

Recent developments in Italy and Poland are interesting to the “Art.1” organization since they are both countries within the EU, where the situation of LGBTIQIA+ is currently under threat in that minorities risk further marginalization. This threat is no longer distant, but up close. Thus the Dutch partner, as well as the Spanish one would like to socially and concretely support LGBTQIA+ Italian and Polish people and also encourage the partnership with their good example of human rights’ achievement above the EU average (Netherlands-58%, Spain-65%, ILGA Europe, 2021), but also learn new highly participatory techniques to work with social communities. Also, “Dideas” partner believes a specific strategy should be developed to address affective-sexual diversity in educational environments, in order to deal with the reality of young people.